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Home Renovations

& New Construction




Home Renovations

Love your neighbourhood but don’t love your home?  Rather than incurring expensive costs involved with selling your home and buying a new one, your more affordable option is to renovate your home.

Topics that we shall discuss:

  • How do I access the funds to renovate?

  • Do I refinance before or after my renovation?

  • Do I need to provide quotes for my renovation?

  • What’s better for me to use: a line of credit or a mortgage?

I want to renovate my home

At Home

Purchase Plus Improvements

Purchase Plus Improvements

We can help qualified home buyers make their new home just right for them, with tailored improvements.

This can happen immediately after taking possession of the purchased property. All this can be done with one manageable mortgage and with as little as 5% down.


Topics we shall discuss:

  • How and when can I access the renovation funds?

  • Maximum renovation budget allowed

  • Information required for renovation

  • Can I do the renovation myself, or do I have to use a contractor?

  • Items that can’t be included the renovation budget

Construction Crane



New Construction

I want to build my dream home and need a mortgage

With a construction mortgage, you have a mortgage amount from which you can draw funding during predetermined construction stages. These advances are made on the basis of cost-to-complete, i.e. the amount is based on how much you need to complete the construction of your home. This amount is given to you at certain stages, or draws, which are granted at certain stages of completion. 


Topics to be covered:

  • What if I want to buy bare land and then build?

  • What if I own the land already?

  • What do lenders require in order to approve a construction-draw mortgage application?

  • What is the typical draw schedule used by lenders?

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