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I want to access the equity in my home, or get a lower rate, or consolidate some debt.

Whether you’re part-way through your mortgage term, or coming up for renewal, we can help you access the equity in your home.


Did you know that two out of three Canadians refinance their existing 5-year mortgage term within the first three years for a number of reasons, such as: move to another lender offering a better rate and options, home improvements, debt consolidation, purchasing an investment property or vacation home, paying for children’s tuition etc.

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Debt Consolidation

I feel overwhelmed by my debt and want to take back control of my finances.

Life can throw us a curveball sometimes, leaving us feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Are you paying too much interest on your credit cards and short-term debts and maxing out your credit limits? Feel like you are drowning?


We're here to help you take back control and get ahead again.


We consolidate your high-interest debts, reducing multiple payments down to one straightforward payment to alleviate your stress.  

We improve your cash-flow and provide additional funds for an emergency fund, moving forward. This way, you won't need to rely on credit when life throws another curveball.

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My mortgage is coming up for renewal - what do I do?

Never sign your renewal notice from your existing lender until you have spoken with us!


The best time to start exploring your upcoming mortgage renewal options is 6 months prior to your maturity date. If your existing lender has sent you a renewal offer, the first thing you should do is send it to us so we can give you a second opinion.   We shall advise whether your current lender is competitive or, indeed, whether there are better options available to you in the marketplace.  


As mortgage planners, we shall provide the best mortgage solution tailored to your immediate needs and long-term goals.

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